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Welcome to the club, a place where time flows nicely, a place to do business not bring anxiety, a place where friends make you feel protected.
Welcome to TheBrightSide where people all over the world share a common bond.
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P&G’s One Page Memo

Procter & Gamble’s “legendary” One Page Memo. A very effective tool - a document structure that is designed to sell, but written the way the reader wants to get the information, therefore making it easy to understand.

  1. The Idea. What are you proposing? This is typically one sentence. Consider: What am I, as the reader or approver, being asked to do?
  2. Background. What conditions have arisen that led you to this recommendation? Only include information that everyone agrees upon in the Background – this is the basis for discussion, so it needs to be non-debatable. Consider: Remind me about this project… put this in perspective.
  1. How it Works. The details. In addition to How, also What, Who, When, Where. Consider: What are the actions you are asking for?
  2. Key Benefits. This is the “Why?” There are usually three benefits: the recommended action is on strategy, already proven (e.g. in test market or in another business unit), and will be profitable. Consider: Anticipate and counter the reader’s objections. If someone sent back a memo asking “what about this” somewhere in the margin, it signaled you’d failed in your writing task
You can think of these three in terms of the old Total Quality mantra of “doing right things right.” The first (on strategy) means you’re doing the right thing. The second and third mean you’re doing things the right way, because you’re being effective (proven to work) and efficient (profitable).

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. Who has to do what and by when for this to happen?

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